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“I have been a patient at Bowser Dentistry for over 25 years. Through those years, I have experienced a consistent theme of Quality, Customer Service and Attitude of Genuine Caring for their patients. This is evident from the first greeting by the receptionist till the end of the visit at check-out. I have never seen a deviation from this standard. Other dental practices should use Bowser Dentistry as a benchmark of success.” – Mark H.


“I am writing to thank Dr. Carl and his staff for my recent replacement of my upper denture. I so appreciate the concern and care shown to me, and my new denture feels wonderful. I can eat anything with no discomfort. My husband and I have been patients of Bowser Dentistry for over twenty years and I am so thankful we have been with them for those years. I also have to thank Kathy, our dental hygienist, for being so thorough. Thank you.” – Joann K.


“Without exception, everyone in the office knows their responsibilities and carries them out with professionalism, competence, and genuine concern for the comfort of the patient. We have always been particularly impressed with Dr. Brian’s immediate response to emergencies. Everyone in the office presents a lovely environment whereas, before this, our experiences with a dentist were anything but lovely. Before coming to Bowser Dentistry, both my wife and I looked upon a trip to the dentist as an ordeal, at best. Now, neither of us have the slightest trepidation when our appointment comes dues. This is huge because I can personally recall major trauma when I had to go the dentist. No more!” – Jamie M.


“I had my teeth capped by a dentist in upstate PA. It was such a bad job and my teeth didn’t look natural. We had an exchange student that had lived with us and was attending dental school in Michigan. I asked her to do some research for me and find the best dentist in PA. I was willing to travel. She suggested Dr. Carl Bowser, the results were fantastic!” – Marge L.


“I realize that a trip to the dentist is probably even less popular than a trip to one’s lawyer. Notwithstanding this, the treatment I have received during the past year from Dr. Brian were painless and always professionally rendered. I particularly appreciated the flexibility that the staff was able to provide when scheduling appointments.” – Donald S.


“I drive nearly two hours to see Dr. Bowser because he and his staff are friendly, prompt, gentle, professional, and up to date on the latest in dental care. They are the best!” – Martta R.


“Before I became a patient of Dr. Carl’s, I had not visited a dentist in 20 years. I just didn’t like going to the dentist. All that changed when I met Dr. Carl and his staff. From Rose, to all of the hygienists, to Dr. Carl and Dr. Brian, everyone is friendly, welcoming, and caring. The care is top notch, they tell you everything they are doing, they are honest, and they work with you financially. I am blessed to have such a wonderful dentist taking care of me and my family’s teeth.” – Denise D.


“A former York resident, I now drive from Richmond, Virginia to Bowser Dentistry. It’s the best practice I’ve ever experienced. There is never a wait, and the staff is friendly, courteous, and well trained. They are like one big family and make you feel special. The technology is state of the art. Dr. Carl is pleasant, gentle, never rushed, and explains everything fully. It’s such a great experience that it makes you want to go to the dentist!” – Cheryl H.


“Bowser Dentistry truly provides the most professional environment. As soon as I walk in the door, I’m greeted with smiles from the receptionists and genuine inquiries about how I’ve been. I feel at ease the whole time I’m there. I never have to wait to be taken back for my appointment, they’re very punctual. My dental hygienists are super-kind and gentle. And the Dr. Bowsers are down to earth and friendly. I recommend coming here to anybody. Phenomenal place!” – Jessica B.


“During a business lunch on the day before the Fourth of July holiday weekend, I broke off a piece of a lower molar. I immediately contacted Bowser Dentistry and was fortunate to be able to secure an appointment that afternoon with Dr. Brian. At the appointment, he evaluated the extent of the problem and using computer-aided technology, was able to measure, construct, and install a porcelain crown within a two-hour period. The crown has served me flawlessly now over the last three months. In addition, on the same visit, Dr. Brian discovered and was able to repair an old filling that was failing, replacing it with a new composite material, thus eliminating a potential problem in the future. In short, the care I received was prompt, professional, and of the highest caliber.” – Dave K.


“Sooner or later we all go to the dentist. OH NO! I say OH YES! Because I go to the Drs. Bowser. They really know what they are doing and do it very well. So be good to yourself and go to 2161 E. Market St. The staff is efficient, gracious, and nice. Not mention the relaxing atmosphere, waterfall, coffee, and the calming air in the office. So sooner or later give yourself a treat and go see Dr. Bowser.” – Gloria M.


“I have been a patient of the Bowsers for 30 years. I have always found them to be on time, courteous, informative in regards to my procedures, caring, and professional.” – Etta S.


“Over 25 years ago, I had a severe gum problem. In talking to my sister-in-law who was a dental hygienist for Dr. Carl, she recommended that I make an appointment for an evaluation. The examination was a positive step to begin treatment. With their professional care and my following their good dental health suggestions, my gums have been healthy since. In December of 2009, Dr. Brian did a ceramic crown with a new procedure that requires only one visit. It is an amazing process. If you are looking for someone who will provide excellent dental care, I strongly recommend Bowser Dentistry. The staff is very friendly, caring, and helpful. For me, it has made going to the dentist pleasant experience.” – Lou Y.


“Upon entering your office, I was received with a genuine smile and welcome. I really appreciate that your staff took time to acquaint themselves and a give me a tour of the facility. I give kudos and a 10+ for the experience!” – Judith M.


“Dr. Carl always delivered superb care and I developed a high level of trust in him. When the office became Bowser Dentistry, I determined to obtain long-overdue crowns and extensive implant work. The moment Dr. Carl handed me off to Dr. Brian for treatment, I had a short moment of uneasiness; then the trust kicked in. What I found was that Dr. Brian is very skilled, very personable, and always works with you towards the best results. Dr. Brian will work with your comfort and pain levels, and his support staff is superb. I am impressed by what is possible in dentistry and the training, equipment, and implementation by the Center. The work I received was excellent. I am going to seek out Dr. Carl and tell him his son and staff are fantastic!” – Barry W.


“Dear Dr. Robert, I want to thank you for the special consideration and thoughtful concern you extended to me recently with my dental mishap. You really make a patient feel that you care. I am very grateful.” – Gloria H.



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